Privacy policy

Company JRR Service Oy is keeping the customer register only for the purpose of delivery the made order. 

General information

1. JRR Service Oy follows GDPR regulations; chapter 4 and part 2

2.The contact details: or +358 50 465 0304

3. Detail are all information which will be possible to connect to the customer.

Source of personal details

1. By shopping from the website you will agree that JRR service Oy will hold your contact details and only for the purpose of the delivery. 

2. Register holder will only hold your contact detail for the purpose of the delivery.

3. JRR  Service Oy won't share your contact details to third party. JRR Service Oy will handle contact details only in European area.

4. Comply with the law and regulations relationship between the Customer and the Registrar.

Under takers are:

  • Webnode AG (webshop app);
  • Delivery company;
  • Google Analytics (home page analytics);

Customer's rights

 According the regulation:

1. Customer has righ to be aware which detail register holder have

2. Right to change the information about customer itself

3.  Right to ask to be taken away from the register ( JRR Service has no register for the future marketing purpose, only keeping register for the purpose for the delivery

4. Right to be against of the register and following this the customer won't order from this webshop.

5. Right to ask to cancelation of the delivery

6. If you suspect that regulation are not followed, please contact authority.

The safety risk 

1.  The register holder will be taken care of the necessary safety to cover all the customer details.

2. The register holder has taken care safety by having data protection. 

Other terms

1. TBy ordering you will agree our terms

2.  The register holder will be able to change these rules by any time and all the changes will be updated here.

The terms are valid starting 29.10.2019